Backstage WWE Reaction To Tama Tonga & Jacob Fatu

How have these two recent WWE signings been received backstage so far?

Tama Tonga Jacob Fatu

With Tama Tonga having debuted for WWE, and with Jacob Fatu reportedly signed with the company, there's now word on how these two new arrivals have been received backstage.

Per Fightful Select, Tama and Fatu have both made good impressions within WWE across the past week. Tonga already has several friends in the company, while Jacob Fatu was described as "very happy" by those who were around him in Philadelphia during WrestleMania Week.

Following reports he'd signed with WWE earlier this year once his NJPW deal was up, Tama Tonga made his debut on this past week's SmackDown, aligning with Solo Sikoa and taking out Jimmy Uso. Prior to that, the eldest son of Haku had been with New Japan for 14 years.


As for Jacob Fatu, he reportedly signed with WWE last week, although he has yet to surface on WWE television. Given his place in the Samoan Dynasty - Fatu's father being the Tonga Kid, who is the twin brother of Rikishi - many are presuming that the Samoan Werewolf will be another who'll soon be inserted into the Bloodline saga.

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