Batista Officially Retires From WWE After WrestleMania 35

A match for the ages.

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With Wrestlemania 35 bringing us endless hype and excitement, there was bound to be some bittersweet moments in the celebration of WWE's past, its present, and its future. The pinnacle of these moments came when, after a fight between Batista and Triple H, the Guardians of the Galaxy star revealed this would be his last match, announcing his official wrestling retirement via Twitter.

The man retired in style, having an all-out No Holds Barred bout involving chains, pliers, and more steel stairs than some wrestlers face in their entire careers. While the match was not an official careers match, Batista has spoken for some time about his wish to return to the WWE ring for one final round, and so - in true Animal fashion - it's clear he intended to go all out for it.


Complete with some classic sledgehammers, the match memorialised the skill and talent Batista grew to fame for, making for a fitting tribute to his career. While Kurt Angle's retirement may have overshadowed this match for many, it's undeniable that Batista's serves as an example of the best way a wrestler can retire.

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