Batista SLAMS WWE For Breaking Up The Hurt Business

Like the rest of us, Batista has zero idea why WWE would choose to break up The Hurt Business.

The Hurt Business

Like many of us, it looks as if Batista is similarly puzzled as to why WWE would decide to break up The Hurt Business.

Taking to Twitter, the Animal stated how no one in their right mind would break that stable up right now.

This week’s episode of WWE Raw saw WWE Champion Bobby Lashley decimate Shelton Benjamin, as Benjamin and Cedric Alexander were booted from the group.

Since then, MVP has announced that this isn’t the end for The Hurt Business, and he also clarified how King Corbin is not a member of the group - despite Corbin helping Lashley in attacking the All Mighty’s WrestleMania 37 opponent Drew McIntyre as Raw went off the air.


As of this writing, neither MVP, Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin or Cedric Alexander have commented on Batista’s post. What we do know, though, is that the vast majority of wrestling fans are of the same mindset as Big Dave on this matter.

While this past year has been a rough one for WWE – particularly for Raw – The Hurt Business proved to be one of the few bright spots. With MVP adamant that the stable will live on, it remains to be seen if and when new members are added to a faction that currently has just two members.

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