Batista: Vince McMahon Double F***** Titus O'Neil

Batista isn't happy over Titus suspension.

Batista has hit out at Vince McMahon, in addition to offering his thoughts on a wrestler's union in WWE. Speaking with TMZ, the high profile former Champion was sticking up for his friend Titus O'Neil. "That should have been a man to man conversation and not a suspension," he said about Titus' grab on McMahon, "he was being playful with Vince, which we all are, because Vince is a very physical and playful guy." The error Titus made was doing it in front of a live Raw crowd and television cameras. McMahon, perhaps out of embarrassment, suspended him for two months. "He f***** him with a suspension and fine, he double f***** him taking WrestleMania away from him." Batista said. He's now of the opinion that Titus should just say screw it and leave WWE "I think he should leave. He can make more money doing a million other things." Asked about the idea of wrestlers unionising, he laughed "It'll never happen. Wrestlers are too expendable." WWE can't be happy with these comments, especially the always heated issue of a wrestler union. For one of their biggest stars of this century to be so critical is a bad reflection on the company. They had wanted to use Batista as the special referee of the Triple H versus Roman Reigns WrestleMania bout, but he rejected the proposal, with the Titus suspension perhaps factoring into his decision.
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