Becky Lynch Teases WWE Return For 'The Man' Moniker

Is it only a matter of time before fans see 'The Man' gimmick return to WWE TV?

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Becky Lynch knows she has the media on strings whenever she agrees to an interview.

The WWE star's latest chat with FOX News discussed the chances of Becky's 'The Man' gimmick returning to screens this year. Lynch is happy to roll with her 'Big Time Becks' character for now, but did say that the company owns the rights to 'The Man'.

They plan to use it again when the time is right.


There had been a lot of talk recently about who owned the copyright - Ric Flair or WWE. According to reports in Fightful earlier this month, it's the latter. The only reason Vince McMahon hasn't had Becks return to her run as 'The Man' is that she's content playing an overbearing heel for now.

WWE surely knows that Lynch's old persona would elicit cheers from the audience, and that isn't what they want for Becky heading into Saturday's Royal Rumble or April's WrestleMania 38.


Becky did also tell Steve Austin's 'Broken Skull Sessions' show on WWE Network/Peacock that she's having the most fun she's ever had as 'Big Time'. It looks like that guise is here to stay...for now.

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