Big Update On Bray Wyatt's WWE Return

The Fiend could be back on WWE television earlier than anticipated...

The Fiend soon

Bray Wyatt could be on his way back to WWE television sooner than anticipated.

Dave Meltzer writes in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter that The Fiend is being advertised for a Raw comeback in August. This means that he could conceivably be on television again within the next 10 days.

Wyatt has been absent since shortly after WrestleMania 37, having conducted a Firefly Fun House segment in the make of his dismal 'Mania loss to Randy Orton. That defeat remains Bray's only match of 2021 so far. The former cult leader took time away from television in the wake of being burnt to a crisp by Orton in their Firefly Inferno match in December 2020 and has since been replaced by Alexa Bliss as Raw's spookiest denizen.


Reporting on Bray's absence and return has varied. It was suggested earlier this week that WWE had no timetable for a comeback, though it was noted in June that he was being advertised for the 9 August Raw in Orlando, Florida's Amway Center.

The reasons behind Wyatt's continued absence remain unclear. Nonetheless, his fans will be relieved to hear that he is seemingly on the verge of returning.

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