Big Update On Randy Orton's Back Injury

The Viper likely won't be wrestling in a WWE ring any time soon.

Randy Orton WWE The Bump

Injured WWE legend Randy Orton likely won't be returning to in-ring action for quite some time... if ever.

That's according to a new report from Fightful Select that notes how The Viper actually underwent surgery to fuse his lower back, with this sort of procedure being known to come with a significant amount of time on the sidelines in the aftermath.

Fightful's sources would also go on to explain how Orton's long-time employers would actually be lucky to have him back at all in the future, after taking into account both the severity of his back injury and his overall time in-between the ropes over the last 20-years.


It wasn't explicitly stated precisely when the surgery took place or when Orton was expected to return to action either. And it isn't clear how the long-term injury will effect the star's current contract that is set to run until 2024.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported last month that WWE were said to be "concerned" over Orton's injuries. After taking in this most recent update, it's not hard to see why.


And with no current plans in place for an eventual comeback run within the promotion, it remains to be seen when or if fans will even witness The Apex Predator wrestling in a WWE ring again.

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