Booker T Names The "Best Promo Guy" In Wrestling Right Now

Who's the best talker in WWE, AEW and beyond? Booker T says there's only one choice.


Surprised? Probably not.

WWE legend Booker T has told listeners on his 'Hall Of Fame' podcast that AEW's MJF is the "best promo guy in the whole damn world right now". Book followed up that seriously high praise by lavishing more compliments on the heel - T said MJF is "so good", and is particularly fond of the way Friedman's eyes are focused on the camera lens mid-speech.

That's old-school, and Booker loves it.


Amongst other things, Book also said that MJF is "natural" and just leaves him staring at the screen saying, "Good God, man!" whenever he appears on Dynamite or pay-per-view. He probs won't sell it on social media, but that sort of appreciation has to feel great when MJF reads it...if he reads it.

He might be too busy rocketing up the ladder in AEW, in fairness.


Booker T recently raised the ire of Twitter by claiming that CM Punk's Rampage debut was a "total miss". That didn't go down well with the wrestling masses, but this praise for MJF might go some way to easing the social media heat on Book.

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