Bray Wyatt Teases First Big Post-WWE Move

Windham Rotunda may have been released by WWE, but his cult days appear to be far from over.

Bray Wyatt
WWE/Instagram, @thewindhamrotunda

An update to the former Bray Wyatt's Instagram biography hints at his next move following his recent WWE release.

"Kult of Windham coming soon!!!" is what's currently there. Aside from this Twitter response to a user suggesting that Wyatt foreshadowed his WWE release in his final Firefly Fun House segment, the new bio is all wrestling fans have heard from Windham Rotunda since he was cut.

2021 has been a year of many releases for WWE, with more than 40 wrestlers trimmed from its talent roster (not to mention the countless office, backstage, and other staff let go as well). None were more surprising than Wyatt, who had been with WWE since 2009 and featured in many a high-level program throughout his tenure, despite being taken off WWE television in April.


Like so many others this year, Wyatt's release was attributed to budget cuts. This is despite the former WWE and Universal Champion's status as a proven money-maker for Vince McMahon's enterprise, regularly topping the company's top-selling merchandise lists.

If bound by a 90-day non-compete clause, Wyatt will be free to appear in other promotions from 29 October.

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