Bray Wyatt's 'Fiend' Attacks Alexa Bliss On WWE SmackDown

Braun's little buddy just got clawed...

WWE closed the latest episode of SmackDown with a surprise attack from Bray Wyatt's 'Fiend'.

The Universal Title candidate stalked Alexa Bliss and then locked on his Mandible Claw finisher right as the broadcast went off the air. Bliss had accompanied pal Nikki Cross to the ring for her SmackDown Women's Title match with Bayley.

Cross stormed off post-bout in frustration, and that left Alexa in some fiendish crosshairs.


The attack isn't as random as it may seem; Bliss was Braun Strowman's partner in the old 'Mixed Match Challenge' tag-team series, and the pair are regularly presented as friends whenever they're on screen together now. Alexa also made a cameo during the 'Wyatt Swamp Fight' between both men at Extreme Rules.

Strowman himself didn't show up on the program, but it's likely this unprovoked attack on Alexa will draw him out of hiding. Yes, you're expected to ignore the idea that he may/may not have drowned during that cinematic brawl at 'The Horror Show'.


Adding Bliss to the feud seems like a good idea on paper. Her facial expressions were excellent as she cowered away from the 'Fiend'.

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