Breakout Winner Carmelo Hayes To Challenge For WWE NXT Tag Team Titles?

Trick Williams debuts and aligns with Carmelo.

Carmelo Hayes Trick Williams NXT 2.0

Following his success in the NXT Breakout Tournament, it appears that Carmelo Hayes will be using his guaranteed title shot to challenge for the NXT Tag Team Championships currently held by MSK.

Last night's NXT 2.0 rebrand saw Hayes introduce Trick Williams, with Melo seemingly turning heel and setting himself and Williams up to target MSK in the near-future.

Explaining how they're "Bout It, Bout It," Hayes and Williams looked to put NXT on notice, with Carmelo talking himself up as the Golden Child and the Chosen One, before the pair later put a beating on Duke Hudson.


While MSK weren't specifically called out, the implication on NXT seemed to be that Hayes' guaranteed title shot would be used for both he and Williams.

As for Trick Williams, he was signed by WWE in February. A former college footballer with some NFL experience, the real-life Matrick Belton spent some time work on the independent scene before officially heading to the WWE Performance Center. Williams also appeared on SmackDown earlier this year, being featured as one of Apollo Crews' guards.


To further push this purported heel turn, Carmelo Hayes took to social media after NXT to reiterate how it's hard to be this good and remain humble - something which both he and Williams mentioned during their NXT promo.

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