Bryan Danielson Says "Thank You, WWE" In New Editorial

As if we needed further proof that the former Daniel Bryan is a class act...

Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson has penned a new Players' Tribune article prior to his first AEW match on tomorrow night's episode of Dynamite, thanking WWE and everyone involved with the company he worked for from 2009 to 2021.

Echoing sentiments expressed in his post-All Out 2021 media scrum appearance, where he was nothing but complimentary to his former employers, Danielson thanked everyone from the fans, to his in-ring colleagues, to those working backstage, and Vince McMahon himself. It's a typically professional and classy statement from a man who hopes his WWE audience will now join him in AEW, where he debuted on 5 September.

Reasserting that he loved his time in WWE, Danielson signed off by hailing his life-changing experience in Stamford, saying he'll cherish the memories he made there forever.


Bryan departed WWE after losing a career vs. title match to Universal Champion Roman Reigns in late April. He reportedly agonised over the move to AEW, which came following much deliberation on what would be best for himself, his family, and the wrestling business as a whole.

Bryan Danielson faces Kenny Omega on tomorrow night's AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam show in New York City, which will be the highest-attended event in AEW history.


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