Bryan Danielson Says WWE "Overreacted" To AEW

AEW man Bryan Danielson blames "corporate America" for WWE's knee-jerk reactions.

Bryan Danielson

AEW's Bryan Danielson has told TV Insider that WWE boss Vince McMahon (and the company as a whole) "overreacted" to Tony Khan starting a new wrestling promotion back in 2019.

The ex-Daniel Bryan looked on in awe as knee-jerk reactions happened all around him, and he couldn't believe that McMahon then systematically began hoarding talent he didn't even want just so AEW couldn't have them instead.

Danielson went on to blame "corporate America" for this sort of mindset. He then pointed out that recent mass releases are directly linked to this short-lived obsession with contracting every decent pro wrestler who wasn't nailed down two years ago.


That's a fair point.

Even so, Bryan is happy that his peers have another viable place to work - AEW provides a realistic alternative for those wrestlers who either can't get into the WWE system, don't really want to or are cruelly cast aside due to "budget cuts".


Looking back, Danielson thinks it's mad that Vince reacted the way he did to Khan's upstart league. Now, he reckons McMahon has stepped back to realise his own "business is fine". He didn't need to stockpile workers.

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