Carlito Says Today's WWE Locker-Room Is "Smarter" Than Before

Carlito speaks on the differences between today's WWE and his Ruthless Aggression heyday.

Carlito Raw

Recent WWE returnee Carlito was recently interviewed by Corey Graves for the SmackDown announcer's After the Bell podcast, touching on all manner of topics relating to his professional wrestling career.

With The Undertaker recently stating his belief that today's product is "too soft" and Goldberg pining for a time when wrestlers had "thicker skin", Carlito was asked for his own thoughts on today's WWE environment compared to the last time he was with the promotion (2003-2010). Here's what he had to say (h/t for the transcription):-

“The culture in the back is a lot tamer. I think it’s a lot healthier in the back. It seems like the guys are generally happy in the back. That is a good thing to see. I feel like the guys are smarter now. It seems like they are being taken care of now. The Wellness Policy is another good idea. We were crazier back in those days, so I think it’s a good thing to have that under control and make sure everyone is on the up and up and are taking care of themselves. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies.”

This was a hot button topic a few weeks ago, with multiple personalities chiming in with their own thoughts. Carlito's seem to be more grounded than most.


Returning to WWE as part of the 2021 men's Royal Rumble, Carlito made a second appearance on the following night's episode of Raw, though he is yet to re-emerge. Recent reports suggest MVP was behind him getting this latest shot with the company, and a three-week trial run has been suggested. This would expire next week.

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