Casting The Roddy Piper Film

9. Kitty Jo Dittrich - Brie Larson

Sam Rockwell Piper 2

Roddy Piper and Kitty Jo Dittrich got married in 1982 and remained together until his death in 2015, a depressingly rare example of a major pro wrestler from the '80s who didn't leave a trail of broken marriages in his wake. Piper's private life remained largely private, as the Manitoba-native concentrated more on cultivating a public personality than allowing the curtain to be drawn back at all.

Mrs Roddy Piper might not have featured much in Hot Rod's professional life but her presence isn't going to be ignored in the biopic. Not a huge amount is known about Kitty Jo, which makes casting her very tricky indeed. With little understanding of personality to go on, how do you set about finding the right individual to portray this stabilising influence on Piper's life?

With that in mind, you can put together a laundry list of names who can fill the role. Elisabeth Moss? Saoirse Ronan? Brie Larson? You can't really go wrong with any of them but my vote is going to the latter, largely because of the mirrored desire to keep a private life private.


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