Charlotte Flair ESCORTED Out Of SmackDown By WWE Security

Further details on what went down between Big Time Becks and The Queen on Friday.

Charlotte Flair

Following yesterday's report of Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair having a backstage confrontation after Friday's SmackDown, it's now been detailed how The Queen was actually asked to leave the INTRUST Bank Arena and was escorted from the venue by security.

For those who missed it, Lynch and Flair's in-ring exchange of their respective SmackDown and Raw Women's Championships went off-script when Charlotte threw her red brand title on the mat and expected Big Time Becks to pick up said prize.

This wasn't the original plan and was viewed by some as a way of making Lynch look "stupid". Once the pair got backstage, that's when a heated verbal exchange took place.


Since then, PWInsider has added how the majority, if not all, of the blame for this situation has been placed on Flair, and she was asked to leave the venue immediately to avoid any further issues.

Amongst "certain circles", Charlotte has significant heat for disrespecting Lynch and for taking the focus of the in-ring segment away from building towards a Flair vs. Sasha Banks rivalry. As for Becky, these same people viewed her actions as simply standing up for herself and protecting her character after being pushed to "boiling point" by Charlotte.


Many have been quick to speculate that all of this could lead to Flair looking to join fiancé Andrade El Idolo in AEW in the near future, although the truth of the matter there is that Charlotte still has several years left on her current WWE deal - and it seems extremely unlikely WWE would release a talent who they have often positioned to be the greatest female wrestler in company history.

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