Chris Sabin Exclusive Interview: Returning To IMPACT Wrestling, Motor City Machine Guns & More

As a former Impact World Champion, X-Division Champion and now multi-time Impact World Tag Team Champion, how is the Chris Sabin we're seeing every Tuesday night on IMPACT! Wrestling different from the Chris Sabin we last saw in IMPACT in 2014 in addition to just more experience?

Sabin: I always think my purpose in wrestling is, just watch my matches. Somebody asked me why do I wrestle. Watch me wrestle, that's the purpose. Watch my matches. Hopefully I can let it speak for myself and I feel like I've always changed throughout the years. I've never been the same Chris Sabin as far as my in-ring style. Obviously I do some of the same signature moves, but I always try to constantly evolve my style. Same thing with my look and my gear and whatever it may be. Just watch one of my matches.

How have you seen tag team wrestling change or evolve in the last decade?

Sabin: Honestly, I think as far as tag team wrestling goes, The Young Bucks had a huge influence on today's tag team style of wrestling. Not everyone does it of course, but a lot of teams on independent shows try to replicate The Young Bucks' style of matches. I think that's the biggest difference I see from back then is the difference those guys have had on tag team wrestling. They really changed the business, that's for sure.


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