Chris Sabin Exclusive Interview: Returning To IMPACT Wrestling, Motor City Machine Guns & More

Who has impressed you the most from what you've seen so far being back in IMPACT?

Sabin: I can name all the teams. Obviously, The Rascalz is the most obvious answer. That's why we went out there and offered them a title match. We knew they didn't have time to prepare for us. We were like, “Hey, we like these guys.” Like I said earlier, we see a lot of them in us when we were younger and they've got lots of potential. Honestly, I would say The Rascalz for sure.

Many fans consider the final match in the Best of 5 Series you and Shelley had with Beer Money 10 years ago to be your best in IMPACT, but what would you consider to be your favorite?

Sabin: It was The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Fergal [Devitt] and [Ryusuke] Taguchi. We actually main-evented a New Japan show at Korakuen Hall one time. I think this was 2009 I believe, but yeah, that always sticks out as one of my favorite matches. The fact we were the main event on the New Japan show, of course, and it was at Korakuen Hall and it was just a crazy, crazy match. I cringe a lot when I go back and watch my old matches because I see all the little mistakes that I made even if nobody else notices it, but when I go back and watch that match, I'm pretty proud of that one.

As a well-documented avid gamer, do you hope to see another IMPACT video game made at some point?

Sabin: Yeah, that would be really cool. For sure, I'd really like to see that. I'd like to see it maybe done a little better than that one, but yeah, for sure. I think that'd be really cool. Wrestling games can be fun. If done right, they definitely can be fun.

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