Christian Shows Off Incredible Body Transformation For WWE Return

Christian got himself into INCREDIBLE shape for his WWE Royal Rumble 2021 comeback...

Christian transformation
Instagram, @nutritionsolutions

The Nutrition Solutions Instagram page has uploaded a post highlighting Christian's incredible body transformation in the five months leading up to his WWE comeback at Royal Rumble 2021.

Here are the returnee's before and after pictures, from August 2020 to January 2021:-

Christian Transformation
Instagram, @nutritionsolutions

Not bad for a 47-year-old man!


Nutrition Solution's upload was accompanied by the following caption:-

“Everyone loves a “success story”…But what’s far compelling and relatable, is a story about someone who got to a dark place…decided enough was enough…drew a line in the sand…and then fought their way out of the darkness, back into the light. That’s what Jay Reso, aka @christian4peeps did after going through a character building year, where he eventually found himself somewhere in a place that he refused to stay! Being a pro athlete his entire life who is well known for his work ethic and competitiveness, Jay committed not just to getting himself back in shape, but getting himself in the best shape of his life at 47 years young! And as you can see, in just 5 months time he’s made some remarkable progress! Thank you Jay for doing the work, kicking ass and giving us opportunity to serve you! Congratulations on your hard work, results and through your example, giving others hope by proving that it’s never too late to make a comeback!”

Full credit to Christian for getting himself in unreal shape for Royal Rumble 2021, where he came back as part of the titular men's bout. Captain Charisma entered the match at number 24, lasting 18 minutes in total, contributing to the elimination of Bobby Lashley in that time.


It was reported after the event that Christian would be working a part-time WWE schedule going forward. His next appearance is yet to be confirmed, though he and Big E are already teasing a match with each other.

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