CM Punk & AEW Boss Tony Khan Share Hilarious Twitter Interaction

Punk started it...


CM Punk replied to a tweet by Cody Rhodes asking who fans wanted to see challenge him for AEW's TNT Championship.

Adding some suggestions of his own, Punk listed "Sign Guy, Domino (with Cherry), Fearless Jack Bull, Dean Visk and New Jack" amongst his joke picks. That prompted a response from AEW boss Tony Khan, who clearly couldn't resist some easy interaction with someone he's admired for years.

Responding, Khan said Punk's choices were "duly noted". Then, he added that he remembers seeing Punk with the old Deuce & Domino tag-team on a WWE house show around 13 years ago. Tony also said that former ECW wild man New Jack was "really, really nice" to him when he was a "13 year old kid visiting Philadelphia".


Finally, Khan revealed that his father Shahid was always a huge fan of New Jack's work. You learn something new every day - not sure anyone would've been expecting Mr. Khan to enjoy him some ECW-style garbage matches.

It was reported earlier, via Konnan, that Punk's negotiations with AEW fell apart when the ex-WWE man asked for "an astronomical amount of money".

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