CM Punk Posts New Cryptic Instagram Teaser

Another day, another CM Punk wrestling tease on social media...

CM Punk tease
WWE/Instagram, @cmpunk

Last night saw CM Punk drop his latest tease ahead of his expected pro wrestling comeback later in the week.

The 42-year-old posted the following set of numbers to his Instagram story, without explanation:-

CM Punk instagram story
Instagram, @cmpunk

This came roughly 24 hours after Punk and his co-commentator heavily teased his imminent AEW arrival while announcing an MMA show. The former WWE Champion is expected to return to wrestling on this Friday's episode of AEW Rampage, which has been subtitled 'The First Dance' and takes place in Punk's Chicago, Illinois hometown.


The Tony Khan-helmed promotion has done everything in its power to guarantee Punk will be there without explicitly guaranteeing it. At this point, it'd be a bigger surprise if Punk didn't make his first wrestling appearances since January 2014, when he split acrimoniously from WWE.

As far as what the above numbers could mean, that's anyone's guess. Current speculation points towards these being the years in which he signed big wrestling contracts (the first two with WWE, the last with AEW). It's worth noting, too, what Punk won his first ROH Championship in 2005 and his first WWE Title in 2011 (he'd been World Heavyweight Champion prior to that).


Whatever the case, the post achieved its goal. People are talking about it.

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