CM Punk’s WWE Return: 10 Nightmares That Could Come True

How long will this WWE honeymoon period between CM Punk and Triple H last?

CM Punk Triple H WWE

Interest in CM Punk's WWE return ranges between people wanting to see their hero headline huge shows like WrestleMania and others rubbing their evil little hands with glee wondering when things will blow up behind the scenes. There is a sense of inevitability about that whether you're pro Punk or against him.

The man's track record precedes him, after all.

Is Triple H about to live the same nightmare Tony Khan did? Probably not exactly the same one. Regrettably, there was a general feeling of inmates running the asylum for a while over in AEW, and that lack of leadership shouldn't be as much of an issue on the WWE side.

There are tricky moments on the horizon though. Everything feels all shiny and new again for Punk on the E side, but that's unlikely to last forever. What happens when the honeymoon period is over? What's more, could others on the roster sheets reject Hunter's bold move and seek pastures new themselves?

None of these things are impossible. This is the absolute worst that could occur during Punk's WWE reprise. Look in his eyes, what do you see? A divisive personality...

10. His Return Is "Too Safe"

CM Punk Triple H WWE

This is a valid concern following Monday's episode of Raw.

Punk stood in-ring to close out the show and pretty much said he was going to toe the party line like never before. Obviously, he didn't outright say those words, but the man might as well have graciously thanked Triple H for the opportunity and promised to be a good boy for the duration of his new contract.

Here's the thing: Some fans out there adore CM Punk's rebellious streak. They like that drama and intrigue follows him everywhere he goes, and they're looking forward to more of the same (within reason) in WWE. Anything else could be deemed "too safe" by those people, and that won't satisfy them.

This is a tough one for Trips to get right. On one hand, he needs to make sure Punk knows what's expected of him and who he represents. On the other, stripping away all the fire from Punk is like telling peak era 'Stone Cold' not to use middle fingers.


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