CM Punk Says WWE's New Day Need To Split Up

Punk thinks now is the time...

During FOX's WWE SummerSlam 1992 watch party on YouTube (unavailable outside the United States), both Booker T and CM Punk agreed that Big E should ditch his New Day buddies.

Say it ain't so, lads.

Booker had previously stated on his podcast that E needed a change of character if he was going to thrive as a main event singles star. He's sticking by that. What's more, Punk thinks so too - he chimed in on the watch party to say that New Day runs the risk of growing stale if they don't try to freshen up their individual acts.


That, to the former WWE Champion, means Big E has to "kick both those guys (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) to the curb" and "dump" the New Day gimmick.

Book replied, "Punk is right! He’s got to beat the hell out of Kofi Kingston. He’s got to literally destroy Xavier Woods!".


Later, Punk said it's in WWE's best interests to do something that people maybe don't want to see. He understands fans like New Day, but thinks flying solo is the only way E will progress.

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