CM Punk's 10 Greatest Heel WWE Moments

4. Mocking The King€™s Heart Attack

On September 10, the wrestling world was in shock as the much loved commentator Jerry €˜the King€™ Lawler had a heart attack live on air and thankfully after the heroic efforts of the doctor at ringside, Lawler lived to fight another day. He returned on the November 12 episode of Raw to a fiery crowd who let him know just how much he was missed and how thankful they were that he was okay. King gave his thanks to the crowd in a moving speech and was about to take back his rightful place at the commentary table before CM Punk€™s music hit the speakers. A chorus of boos filled the arena as Punk, smugly walked down the ramp and told Jerry that if he had stayed in the ring, the straight edge superstar would have €˜beaten him to death€again.€™ Punk was on a desperate quest for respect that started with Jerry Lawler and he blamed Lawler€™s heart attack on the King€™s own arrogance for thinking he could relive his glory days against Punk. Paul Heyman and CM Punk went one step further and proceeded to mock Jerry Lawler€™s heart attack, with Heyman faking one himself as Punk threw the "X" symol for injuries up in the air while performing CPR. It was incredibly distasteful, but seriously, do the fans expect anything else from WWE? (Didn€™t they make a reference to the Malaysian Airline disaster a few weeks back?) It was one of the many moments of CM Punk pushing the boundaries in his last heel run in WWE.
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