CM Punk's 10 Greatest Heel WWE Moments

5. CM Hardy

It was one week after CM Punk had defeated Jeff Hardy in a steel cage match with the stipulation that if Hardy lost he would leave WWE permanently. Fans of the wrestler famous for his daredevil antics were left distraught, that was until €˜his theme€™ burst through the PA system and they roared into life, jumping in joy at the prospect that Hardy was still around. Their joy soon turned into shock, and the cheering into jeers as the man before them in Jeff Hardy€™s make up and wrestling attire was not their hero, but instead the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk. The Straight Edge superstars wiped the make up from his face and mocked the fans for their support of a man who let them all down when it counted €“ citing Jeff Hardy€™s numerous real life issues with drugs as the reason he failed them. It was a classic heel move, one that has been done time and time again in WWE to great affect €“ Shawn Michaels once dressed up as Hulk Hogan, and The Miz did the same, but as The Rock. With Hardy not there, it made CM Punk seem even more villainous attacking a man who couldn€™t defend himself and certainly gave the rivalry a more edgy feel by blurring the lines of reality and scripted (something Punk is famous for). This promo planted the seeds of CM Punk€™s run as the devious messiah of the Straight Edge Society, and was arguably his best moment up until that point.
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