Cody Rhodes Planning WCW PPV Names For AEW?

"Bash At The Beach" and more now belong to the AEW Executive VP.

Cody, All Elite Wrestling

One week after news broke that Cody Rhodes had filed trademarks for 'The American Dream,' 'The American Nightmare,' and 'Dusty Rhodes,' it looks like the All Elite Wrestling Executive Vice President has been tying even more intellectual properties down.

Per PW Insider, Rhodes has now filed for 'Prince Of Wrestling,' as well as a trio of old World Championship Wrestling terms in 'Battlebowl,' 'Bash At The Beach,' and 'Bunkhouse Stampede.' These documents were prepared on 18 March.

All four are being used for goods and services "in the nature of wrestling contests," leading to immediate speculation that Cody might seek to use them for AEW. Rhodes has been quick to shoot this talk down, however:-

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised by his filing blitz, given that WWE initially prevented him from competing as 'Cody Rhodes' upon leaving the promotion. Besides, WCW allusions aren't something AEW will want too many of. Rhodes is proud of his father's heritage, but the promotion's poisoned reputation and long list of failures means such things are best left in the past.

Given Cody's talk of "50 trademarks" we can probably expect more filings to come out over the coming weeks.

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