Corey Graves Continues Shooting On WWE Raw

The SmackDown announcer didn't like what he watched on Monday night...

Bobby Lashley Rusev

Corey Graves appeared to Tweet his disgust during Monday's episode of Raw, and he's since followed that up by shooting on the program again via his 'After The Bell' podcast.

There, Graves continued burying the red brand's product by pointing out that fans were quiet, motionless and apathetic when cameras cut to a wide shot during Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley. The SmackDown colour man also turned his nose up at the way Liv Morgan was booked on the show.

Corey doesn't think it was a good idea to build Morgan up as important to the ongoing wedding story for several weeks, then have Lana throw a drink in her face and kick her ass around ringside without Liv putting up much of a fight.

It's interesting to hear a WWE employee blast the promotion's creative team on an official WWE outlet, but this is a subject Graves is clearly passionate about. He made sure to say that blame lies with those in charge, not with the talent themselves.

His scathing words are either an honest critique of the product or another (subtle) chapter in the never-ending Raw vs. SmackDown brand warfare story.

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