Daniel Bryan Reveals New WWE Title, Elimination Chamber Match Announced

Bryan's new strap is sustainable.

Daniel Bryan Eric Rowan

Last night's SmackDown concluded with a huge match announced for next month's Elimination Chamber, as WWE champ Daniel Bryan will face off against five other men in the eponymous match.

During the evening's closing segment, Triple H appeared on the Titantron with bad news for Bryan, telling him that Randy Orton, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Mustafa Ali and Jeff Hardy will all be vying for his belt come 17 February in Houston's Toyota Center.

Speaking of his belt, the Vegan Warrior made good on his promise and introduced a brand new and frankly beautiful 'sustainable' WWE Championship. He made like Madusa, ditching the old leather strap in the bin, before he and his new "intellectual peer" Eric Rowan unveiled a replacement crafted from organic hemp and a "naturally fallen" oak tree. It's absolutely gorgeous.

AJ Styles, apparently no friend of the environment, interrupted Bryan to chastise him for denigrating the prestige of the WWE Title by throwing it away. Soon, a slew of superstars were out to challenge Bryan, before Triple H made his big announcement.

Bryan isn't the first man to produce his own customised WWE Title. Steve Austin sported a 'Smoking Skull' strap during his second reign, and most famously, John Cena p*ssed all over the belt's legacy with his hideous 'Spinner' in 2005.

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