Dave Bautista Gets New Chest Tattoo!

And it's rather prominent.

Instagram, @davebautista

WWE legend and Hollywood bad-ass Dave Bautista has further indulged his apparent ink addiction, with a brand new piece of body art front of centre on his sizable chest.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star posted an image of his new work to Instagram, with the following caption:

"I've officially crossed the line. Oh well! I gotta be me!"

The post was accompanied with the hashtags #barbarianmode, #dreamchaser and #pinoypride.

The last is in reference to Batista's Filipino heritage, reflected in the new tattoo, an eight-pointed sun as seen in the flag of the Philippines (which he also has etched on his left bicep). The symbol within the sun appears to be an Eye of Providence, most commonly associated with dollar bills and Illuminati conspiracists.

Batista, whose final WWE appearance came with defeat to Triple H at this year's WrestleMania, is plastered with other tattoos. In addition to the Philippine flag on his bicep is a Greek flag, also in homage to his heritage. Kanji reading 'Angel', in tribute to second wife Angie, is inked on his right arm. He also has a small sun encircling his navel.

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