Did WWE Film Two Endings For NXT's 'Winner Takes All' Match?

Warning! Potential spoilers inside!


This post includes possible spoilers for the Adam Cole vs. Keith Lee main event filmed for next week's NXT Great American Bash blow-off. You have been warned!


Fans on Twitter are drawing attention to tweets posted by WWE developmental wrestler EJ Nduka as an indicator that the company may have filmed two endings for Adam Cole vs. Keith Lee during the week.


Nduka referenced Taz's "sloppy shop" comments on AEW Fyter Fest and closed his message with, "Two endings. Two stories. Find out next week".

There had been stories of unrest in WWE after Indus Sher’s Saurav Gurjar posted a photo on his Instagram page which seemingly spoiled the result of the Great American Bash main event for everyone. It showed Lee celebrating with both the NXT and North American belts as confetti fell from the ceiling.


Now, Nduka's posts suggest that WWE want to try and keep fans guessing on the outcome by shooting multiple finishes.

Smart move.


The developmental star also added that people shouldn't "believe everything" they see. Does this hint that Lee maybe didn't win after all, but instead decided to pose with Cole's NXT Title anyway?

The plot thickens.

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