Did This NXT Star Just Spoil The Result Of Next Week's Winner-Takes-All Match?

Saurav Gurjar's social media post seems to confirm the winner of next week's HUGE NXT match.


Be warned, there are potentially HUGE spoilers here for next week’s episode of NXT. Next week, of course, sees NXT North American Champion Keith Lee vs. NXT Champion Adam Cole in a winner-takes-all-match.

NXT has done a fantastic job of hyping up this match, with a Prime Target video package last night only further upping the anticipation for this meeting of two of NXT’s biggest names.

The thing is, the cat may well have already been let out of the bag in regards to the winner of this match.


Not only did yesterday see NXT take the first night of their two-week Great American Bash show, but the second night of the Great American Bash was also recorded. And earlier today, Indus Sher’s Saurav Gurjar posted a photo to his Instagram that seems to show the winner of Lee vs. Cole.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you about spoilers.


Like seriously, if you bitch and moan about having the result of next week’s main event ruined, don’t blame us.

Keith Lee NXT Great American Bash

The image above - as first reported by Gary Cassidy - shows Keith Lee standing tall with the North American Championship and the NXT Championship, as confetti falls from the ceiling. If you ask us, that most certainly looks like a celebratory moment for Limitless.


To cast a minor shred of doubt on this though, let’s think back to the final of SmackDown’s recent tournament to crown a new Intercontinental Champion. A day or two before the final of AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan aired, Brie Bella posted out a picture of the Intercontinental Title – which many jumped on as Brie spoiling a Bryan title win. Instead, Styles was the victor in that contest.

The other thing to consider, is NXT could always film an alternative finish to next week's NXT main event.

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