Dolph Ziggler Vs. Kalisto And Apollo Crews Announced For WWE Elimination Chamber 2017

Handicap match signed for Sunday's PPV...

Crews Kalisto Dolph

As per the edict of Smackdown general manager Daniel Bryan, a handicap match has been signed for the Elimination Chamber PPV - Dolph Ziggler will take on both Apollo Crews and Kalisto.

The issues between the men date back to last month, when Dolph - seemingly at his wit's end following a series of high-profile losses - turned on Kalisto when "The Lucha Dragon" saved him from an assault at the hands of Baron Corbin. Later that evening, Dolph came face-to-face with Crews in the locker room and attacked the former NXT star.

Since then, Dolph has been aggressive with both men. On last week's Smackdown, he was quickly beaten by Kalisto in an upset, then attacked the former United States Champion with a chair. After laying Kalisto out, Dolph tried to unmask him, but Crews made the save.


On February 7's Smackdown, Dolph wrestled Crews and was once again beaten in short order. This time, he hit Crews with a chair following the match, then did the same to Kalisto when he attempted to run in for the save.

Elimination Chamber airs live on the WWE Network this Sunday at 8:00 PM ET.

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