Edge: Ranking Every WWE WrestleMania Match Ranked Worst To Best

Rating the R-Rated Superstar at every one of his WrestleMania matches.

Edge 2010 Royal Rumble

With Adam Copeland being the type of dude that just cannot keep himself away from the wrestling business no matter what it takes away from him, it's no surprise that WrestleMania is his prime stomping ground.

The Show of Shows is where the R-Rated Superstar thrives. It's the go-to place where he can put everything he's worth on display when smaller events just aren't big enough to contain his charisma, skills, and of course, opportunism.

Edge is awesome, and so are the majority of his matches at WrestleMania. The following list includes singles competition, tag matches, and all the in-between, because he did it all, and excelled every time creative and booking allowed him to do so. Recapping on these numerous Mania moments makes his upcoming Universal Title match at WrestleMania 37 even more of an exciting prospect.

We exclude of course, the time he helped The Undertaker to lynch Big Boss Man at WrestleMania 15 in 1999... Still, you have to start somewhere.

Here's a rundown of his WrestleMania appearances from worst to best.

11. Edge VS Randy Orton - Last Man Standing (WrestleMania 36)

Edge 2010 Royal Rumble

In essence, this could have been a corker. Two long-time friends-turned rivals promised to put each other through hell and back to get their points of view across. The build up to this match had WrestleMania quality written all over it.

They certainly delivered on that particular promise, and the match did indeed take its toll on both Randy Orton and Edge. The problem lay in the fact that it went on for what seemed like an eternity, and virtually all of it happened backstage in various locations of the WWE Performance Centre. Fans ended up receiving an elongated period of slow-burning hardcore shenanigans that contained no real explosions, only a series of fizzles.

Everybody knows that there were events taking place in the world beyond WWE's control, and nobody should be blamed for that. However, keeping in mind that a wealth of good stuff did indeed happen at WrestleMania 36, this would have been better served as a standard wrestling match, and not an uninspired street fight.

It wasn't just circumstance that let this one down, but strange decision making as well.

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