Every AEW Tag Team Ranked From Worst To Best

Breaking down the world's best tag division.


AEW's tag division is stacked.

But you knew that already.

Great tandems like The Usos, Motor City Machine Guns, New Day, and The North exist elsewhere, though no individual promotion can match All Elite's volume of talent. The booking is better in Jacksonville, too: there are only so many seats at the top table, though most AEW duos are booked as carefully and purposefully as the singles stars. This is a tag team territory. Compare and contrast with NJPW and WWE, where the artform is an afterthought, and the gulf is clear.

Well-defined (but flexible) roster tiers make ranking AEW's teams straightforward - until you get to the upper limits. There, it's an embarrassment of riches, with some of the best tandems in the world missing out on the company's own rankings every single week. That this doesn't diminish them is a consequence of good booking: the roster is huge, top spots must be earned.

Only men's tag teams are included here, as The Nightmare Sisters are the single recognised duo on the women's scene, making comparison impossible. All elements of a team's presentation - from booking to performances - were considered as criteria.

Let's go...


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