Every WWE Championship And The Superstar That Defined It

The Men (and Women) That Made The Titles.

Ember Moon Shotzi Blackheart

It's belt stuff, so here's the usual collection of caveats:

- WWE's legacy includes within it a collection of titles either too old or rare or short-lived to pay heed to here. There'll be excellent resources elsewhere to debate if the Don Curtis/Mark Lewin or Spiros Arion/Bruno Sammartino act were best suited to the WWWF United States Tag Team Championships, but this list will deal exclusively from the moment Hulk Hogan downed The Iron Sheik to present day. There's always got to be line drawn, and this is one the company have routinely revisited.

- Variants, beautiful as they are, won't be included. Not least because they're ordinarily personalised to one performer anyway. Yes, Daniel Bryan wore the hemp belt best, but of course he did. Ultimate Warrior and Shawn Michaels were potty for pastel in their day, but diving deep into all of those is love letter for another list.

- Miniscule adjustments to titles don't count as new belts. The WWF's scratch logo was added to every title in 1998, but that doesn't mean there's a place for two Big Eagle titleholders. Likewise with every belt converted to the current initials in 2002. This will rob Money Inc of their place with those ultra-rare Tag Team Titles, but those two have other fortunes to fall back on anyway.

- There's loads of belts. Any that don't feature here that definitely should, spew some bile in the comments and they might magically appear.

Here's to disagreeing about all our heroes...

49. NXT Tag Team Championship (2013-2017) - The Revival

Ember Moon Shotzi Blackheart

Architects of a doubles golden era for the developmental brand that then imposed itself on the main roster, The Revival's reigns with the original NXT Tag Team title belts remains perhaps the apex for all tag wrestling in company history. Matches with American Alpha and #DIY were throwbacks and revolutionary masterclasses in equal measure.

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