Every WWE Royal Rumble 'Final Four' - From Worst To Best

28. 2014 - CM Punk, Sheamus, Roman Reigns & Batista

In 2014, the role of Roman Reigns was played by Batista. He was the hand-picked winner that literally no one wanted to see, going on to WrestleMania so that he could promote Guardians of the Galaxy with the WWE Title on his shoulder. The fans were 100% behind Daniel Bryan during this match, and when it became apparent that he wasn't actually going to be in it, they turned on the whole thing. CM Punk was spared their wrath, but he was lamely eliminated by Kane and left wrestling forever the next day. That left a triple threat of WWE€™s blandest possible musclemen in Sheamus, Batista and Reigns. The fans sided with Reigns as he was the freshest possible choice, but he couldn't overcome Batista€™s combination of crossover appeal and truly terrible cardiovascular conditioning.

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