Every WWE Royal Rumble 'Final Four' - From Worst To Best

27. 1991 - Davey Boy Smith, Brian Knobbs, Earthquake & Hulk Hogan

Can you think of a lamer, more predictable final four than this? Brian Knobbs never won anything of value by himself until the WCW Hardcore division was a thing, and Davey Boy Smith is the most neutered thing possible: a second babyface to Hulk Hogan. At the very least, Hogan eliminating Earthquake paid off a long-term storyline. Hogan had been €œinjured€ by Earthquake€™s sit-down splash months before, and this match was Hogan€™s triumphant return to form, winning the match by tossing the supposedly immovable Quake. Still, this might as well have had a "best horseshoe mustache wins" stipulation. As a final four, it was rubbish.

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