Ex-WWE Star Admits Failing Drug Tests Due To Cocaine Use

Released by the company last year, this former WWE star reveals drug test failures.

Matt Riddle

Nowadays the NJPW Television Champion, Matt Riddle has revealed that his time with WWE saw him fail several drug tests for cocaine use.

In an extremely candid, open interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour (via the Wrestling Observer), Riddle discussed how he, at times, wasn't a good fit for WWE and how he'd expected to be released earlier than his eventual departure in September 2023.

As the Original Bro detailed:

"I think there was multiple variables that played into my departure. Plus, like I said, I failed a couple of drug tests, you know. For me at least, the writing was on the wall. I'm very good in the ring, I'm entertaining, but at the same time, especially with WWE and how they want to be perceived, I don't think I was a good fit, at least at the time."

Riddle added:

"You're allowed to smoke weed. I went to the strip club and did some cocaine a couple of times, and I failed a drug test for that. That was for all of them; it was cocaine each time, but honestly, it was just random nights. WWE tests you randomly, say any way, but sometimes you get tests at the end of one month and the beginning of another month. So, there was one week where I failed [two times]. I got two right at once, so I think that's why they were a little bit more lenient with me."

A former MMA fighter with both the UFC and Bellator, Matt Riddle began his venture into pro wrestling in late-2014, amassing quite the buzz for himself in the likes of Evolve, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, wXw, RevPro, and Progress. The Pennsylvania native would sign with WWE in 2018 and spend five years with the market leader, becoming an NXT Tag Team Champion, a WWE Raw Tag Team Champion, and the WWE United States Champion.


Following his WWE release, Riddle returned to the ring at the turn of the year for Major League Wrestling, and, as alluded to, has recently begun to work dates for New Japan Pro-Wrestling - including dethroning Hiroshi Tanahashi for the NJPW TV Title at The New Beginning in Sapporo this past Friday.

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