Ex-WWE Star Discusses Steroid Use - Calls Former Peer "Dangerous"

Former WWE star talks steroid controversy and workers he deemed unsafe.

Ahmed Johnson WWE

Ahmed Johnson has called one-time WWE peer D'Lo Brown "dangerous".

The former Intercontinental Champion said "that jerk-ass boy - he's not a friend of mine" during an appearance on 'Monte & Pharaoh'. Johnson referred to an in-ring incident during which D'Lo repeatedly performed spots before Ahmed was ready. That ticked Johnson off.

Some fans will point out that Johnson himself has been cited as reckless and dangerous by several wrestlers. Bruce Prichard and Jim Ross have both said on their respective podcasts that Ahmed's rough style (something Johnson admitted was "stiff" during his interview) led to several injuries.


Sometimes, Ahmed was the one who ended up getting hurt.

Later, Johnson broached the subject of steroids and said "it was something [he] had to do" during his prime. He then said, "Just about all the boys were on it, but they won't tell you that".


Steroids have been a huge talking point on social media lately due to VICE's 'Dark Side Of The Ring' season finale. There, WWE's controversial steroid trials were examined. Johnson came into the company years after that, but still claims steroid use was rife.


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