10 Things We Learned From Dark Side Of The Ring: WWE’s Steroid Trials

Never-before-heard stories from that time the government almost nailed Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon Hulk Hogan Dr Zahorian Dark Side Of The Ring VICE

VICE's 'Dark Side Of The Ring' series has become a haven for those who enjoy gritty stories about crime, tragedy and the seedy side of professional wrestling. Often, producers hit the jackpot by examining grim topics like Chris Benoit's final few days, or the wildly controversial WWE 'Plane Ride From Hell'.

The people making these docs know why people tune in, and they're only too happy to churn out dramatic retellings of wrestling's most scandalous moments. They don't always include death though; much like with the aforementioned 'Plane Ride' special, VICE turn their hand to the topic of drugs with ease.

Their handling of the infamous WWF steroid trials delivered must-see TV.

'Dark Side's' latest included talking heads like The Warlord, Brian Blair and others who were involved in a courtroom battle that implicated both Dr. George Zahorian and Vince McMahon. In a genius move, VICE also secured comments from the likes of Jerry McDevitt (Vince's lawyer), and both Dave Meltzer and Wade Keller (who were present for the trial).

The result, typically, was that no stone was left unturned. Vinnie Mac might be happy to relive one of his greatest victories too...

10. The FBI Went Door-To-Door

Vince McMahon Hulk Hogan Dr Zahorian Dark Side Of The Ring VICE

The government were determined to nail Vince McMahon and the WWF, but the FBI's role was to directly link the company's workforce to Dr. Zahorian's shady business practices. That, presumably, is why they went door-to-door and spoke to several pro wrestlers about steroid use.

Brian Blair (of The Killer Bees tag-team) spoke about this on the doc. He said agents turned up at his house and told him they'd seized three packages from Zahorian that were addressed to Blair. What's more, they knew what was in the parcels, and they advised that Brian testify against the doctor.

If he did, then they'd leave him alone.

Blair deserves credit for his honesty on 'Dark Side'. He was spooked by the FBI house call, and he wanted to play ball so that he didn't land in hot water with the government. So, Bri agreed to testify and do what he'd been told.

Incredible that they went door-to-door though.


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