Ex-WWE Star Rusev Shoots On Wendy's

"Man, this is really stupid!"

Rusev Facepalm

Yes, the fast food restaurant chain.

Rusev revealed on his official YouTube channel that he had a bit of a disagreement with management at the local Wendy's branch he once worked at. The Bulgarian was "20 years old and fresh off the boat" when he started flipping burgers for the franchise, but he wasn't happy when they asked him to shape out a 'W' with mustard on each one.

Apparently, that was "pretty stupid" to the future WWE star.


He pointed out that nobody lifted the bun off their burger before they chowed down on it, and so few would actually see his mustardy handiwork. When managers told him to get on with it, Rusev added that some who lifted the bun the wrong way would see an 'M' and might think he was advertising McDonalds instead.

That's rather hilarious.


His joke forced Wendy's to change their minds on the 'W' trend, but Rusev didn't stick around long enough to see any changes; he'd had enough of the fast food life, and wanted more from his stay in America. So, he quit after one week and only returned to pick up his $170 check.

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