Exact Reasons These 10 Wrestlers Have Failed In WWE

"Too pro wrestling".


Despite millions of fans around the world, countless investors counting their change and more creative team members than most major Hollywood productions, WWE decisions bow to the whims of one man and one man only. This ship is Vince McMahon's, and he's the one who can make or break careers.

For the men and women here, the latter is perhaps more apt.

It's often hard to look in on the WWE bubble from the outside and know exactly why certain acts don't get the attention they deserve. Stories of McMahon-related idiosyncrasies can be as wild as they are frequent, but it's sometimes difficult to separate what's real from online gossip. After all, not many people are privy to creative team meetings or Vince's private thoughts.

Talented workers are callously discarded at a moment's notice and promising pushes are scrapped without much rhyme or reason, and (as much as it sucks to admit) WWE's roster is stuffed full of performers who are failing right now. They were preceded by others who have already suffered the same miserable fate too.

Here's why...


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