Exclusive Details On The Final Days Of Axl Rotten

The tragic tale of Axl Rotten's final months.

€œI have been hounded for the past ten years to put my outrageous life in book form. I have no knowledge of how to get published. My book and story involves child abuse, drug addiction, recovery, homelessness, paralysis, and losing a contract with WWE. It's a story that needs to be told but I need someone to do it interview style over the phone. When I tell the stories you get the full picture. I firmly believe with the way pro wrestling books sell this will be a hit. I have NY Times Best Sellers Mick Foley and Chris Jericho on board to write a forward for this project. My working title is Wrestling with Heroin - Axl Rotten's Struggle to Survive Pro Wrestling. Thanks, Brian Knighton aka Axl Rotten€ That email above was the first contact I had with Brian Knighton, sent exactly three months to the day before he died. To be honest, I was not all that interested in his proposal at first. I already had a number of other book projects underway, including another wrestler€™s autobiography, so I did not really have the time. Nor, if I am honest, did I have the inclination. I had seen Axl Rotten wrestle before in ECW and I remembered his brutal matches with the likes of storyline brother Ian Rotten, but that was all. I knew very little about Axl Rotten and assumed him to be nothing more than a blood, guts and violence wrestler with no substance. What could he possibly say in his autobiography that would be of any interest? Nevertheless I decided to talk with him anyway to see what he had to say so I could make a more informed decision. After the first time we spoke I can honestly say I have never been so excited about a writing project. Brian was as engrossing to listen to as any wrestler I had talked to in my thirteen years involved in the business. His story was not only interesting, it was fascinating. The tale of the tragedies and tribulations of a man who had fought for acceptance practically since the day he was born. Brian was an open book, he poured his heart out to me, and I was so motivated by what he was telling me that two days later the first chapter of his book was finished. I sent him the draft to read over and he was so thrilled to see his story on the page that he yelled excitedly, €œLet me go read this right now and call you right back!€ then he hung up the phone. Thirty minutes later he called me back in floods of tears. €œI just finished reading the entire thing that you wrote. I€™m choked up. I€™m sitting here crying like a baby. It€™s so good. I€™m sorry, it€™s just, everything came back, y€™know? The way it was all condensed just hit me real hard. But it is good. What I want to come through is coming through. People just think of me as this tough, violent dude who beats people up, and they need to know where that came from.€

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