Exposing The Myth: Pre-nWo WCW Was Trash

High level main events, banging entrance themes, and the best babyface in the business.


One of the pivotal moments in wrestling history is undoubtedly the formation of the "New World Organisation of wrestling, brother!" on 7 July 1996 at WCW's annual Bash at the Beach PPV.

That initial group of Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall would soon become known as the New World Order, and the group would run roughshod over WCW for the next several years, which in turn was a key part of Ted Turner's rasslin' company dominating the WWF for such a large part of the famed Monday Night Wars.

While the nWo's impact cannot be questioned - both for its positive and eventual negative effect on WCW - there's a common belief amongst certain sections of wrestling fandom that see WCW as being a complete sh*t show up until Hogan, Nash, and Hall first joined forces.

Without taking away from the success that followed that July '96 night, it's ridiculous to lambast WCW's pre-nWo days as lacking in quality and appeal. You can obviously claim subjectivity in believing that, but there was so much greatness on offer in WCW from the promotion's creation in 1988 up until when the New World Order was assembled.

Now then, it's time to break down the myth that WCW regularly served up trash until the nWo arrived to save the day.

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