Former WWE Star Rusev Banned From Twitch Because Of Lana In Bikini?

The Bulgarian Brute was banned for being "too sexy".


Having supposedly decided to ditch his pro wrestling career in favour of a career as a Twitch personality, the former Rusev has ran into his first major roadblock.

As confirmed by the former United States Champion – these days going by his real name of Miro – he’s managed to get himself banned from Twitch.

Miro took to social media to reveal that his Twitch ban was for being “too sexy” for the streaming platform. While it’s yet to be revealed exactly what Miro did to get this ban, it’s believed that a bikini-clad Lana was the reason behind Twitch yanking Miro for the time being.


Twitch has recently moved to crack down on banning users for anything even vaguely resembling anything lewd or sexual, and that’s why many are presuming that Lana in a bikini was the reason why Miro is on ice.


Fear not, for this ban was only a minor one, and the Bulgarian Brute is expected to return to streaming later today - presumably with extra care being taken not to feature any content that will put Miro in the crosshairs of Twitch once more.

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