Freddie Prinze Jr. Takes Aim At CM Punk On WWE Backstage

Angry tweet probably incoming from Punk.

Freddie Prinze Jr. might soon be on the receiving end of a roasting from CM Punk like The Miz was.

On the latest episode of WWE Backstage, actor and former WWE writer Prinze Jr. conducted his first "Promo School" segment with New Day man Xavier Woods. During it, he joked that he and Woods should team up to take over Backstage because nobody there would be able to stop them.

Prinze claimed he's more Renee Young than Renee herself, said Samoa Joe was only on Backstage because he's been bored lately and then turned his attention to one CM Punk.

"There’s one guy, CM Punk, and he works less for the company than Brock Lesnar."

Those words, which were obviously said in jest, may raise the ire of Punk on social media. He hasn't been on Backstage for several weeks now, so the comment isn't out of left field. Again, it was a lighthearted jibe and not exactly a case of Prinze Jr. shooting from the hip, but it is one that could end up on Punk's radar.

The world eagerly awaits your response, Mr. 'Changing The Culture'.

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