Goldberg Announced For Next Week's WWE SmackDown

No more satellite work for big Bill ahead of Super ShowDown.

Goldberg SmackDown

WWE has announced that Goldberg will appear on next week's episode of SmackDown to discuss his upcoming Universal Title match with Bray Wyatt at Super ShowDown.

It's believed that the former WCW hero will be appearing in person this time. He gave an interview from his home on last week's show (which felt a bit disappointing for fans who thought he'd actually be live in-ring) and bantered back-and-forth with Bray on 'Firefly Fun House'.

Now, the 21 February SmackDown is next.

It's hardly bold to predict that Goldberg and Wyatt will have some sort of physical interaction on the show to hype their match in Saudi Arabia the following week. WWE love a bit of telegraph booking, so the title picture will become clearer depending on who laughs last on Friday night.

The company are racking up these special appearances. Hulk Hogan followed Goldberg in appearing remotely on this week's SmackDown, and John Cena is being advertised for the 28 February edition. For the record, that's a mere 24 hours after WWE host Super ShowDown in Saudi.

It's 'Mania season, folks. That means more part-timers than ever.

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