How AEW Might Be Secretly Changing The Game

Chris Jericho

Taz is often in a more jovial and irreverent mood on Dark, but remains at his core a right miserable f*cker. This is a man allergic to joy - that's why he's so great as the ornery leader of Team Taz - and yet, something wonderful and wholesome overtook him in that moment. If Taz exploded into song at the very first strains of 'Tarzan Boy', imagine what a packed arena full of wrestling fans desperate for a good time will sound like. It's such a genius play, in theory, that it's a wonder the billionaire didn't think to do it sooner.

Instantly, it legitimises Jungle Boy. The mere idea that "TK" sprung for the rights in itself is a tell that "Jungle Jack" is in line for the big push in 2021. It is literally an investment - another means of turning a talent into a star. Jungle Boy can't wear a flashy suit or emerge for his entrance with an extravagant pyro display. He's too humble and sympathetic.

But he can enter the ring to a wholesome call-and-response that will energise a live crowd more than any in-house number. This is an untapped resource of potentially awesome marketing. In AEW, that is.

The timing of this decision is just fantastic, too. Over the coming months, with no end to a mutating pandemic in sight, a sparse and distanced Daily's Place will feel far more packed and loud with Tarzan Boy blaring over that PA. The venue is at its loudest when Chris Jericho makes his entrance to Judas. It's a babyface reaction to a heel. It makes too much sense not to apply that reaction to a babyface.

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