How Wrestling Has Changed Since 9/11

6. John Cena


The 16-time World Champion has become one of WWE's go-to patriots since starring in 2006's The Marine, in which he played Master Sergeant John Triton on an anti-al-Qaeda mission in Iraq.

Returning to television after filming The Marine saw a number of pro-USA traits start creeping into Cena's character. He started wearing military dog tags to the ring, saluting to the audience, and even made a gun corps-inspired ring entrance at WrestleMania 26, as well as adopting a pro-American stance in various feuds with foreign wrestlers.

Perhaps Cena's most patriotic spell came during his fun United States Championship run in 2015, throughout which he was constantly paired with anti-American wrestlers like Rusev. Either way, the red, white, and blue has always suited him well. He's the perfect company role model in that he's talented, extremely marketable, about as clean-cut as clean-cut gets, and even looks like an American serviceman with his square jaw and shorn head. As such, he was the pro-USA face of WWE for a long, long time, from waving flags to carrying the United States Title.


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