How WWE Ruined The One Thing That Made It Great

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WWE is useless at booking babyfaces.

That’s not fair.

WWE is worse than useless at booking babyfaces because anybody tasked with the top babyface role is systemically reduced to villain status. It’s really quite incredible, how WWE conspires to do this, and it no longer matters who it is done to—“it” being a total hatchet job.

It was once thought that Roman Reigns got WWE’d because his ring style was unfashionable. He was a powerhouse in an era of the technically gifted, as the organic rise of Daniel Bryan brought into focus—another John Cena when the first John Cena was chronically over-exposed.

Turns out WWE simply cannot book babyfaces. At all. The babyfaces in WWE are hapless dorks. WWE took a talent most fans wished was booked like Roman Reigns—Seth Rollins—and turned him into the new Roman Reigns. WWE is playing 4D Bullsh*t Chess and calling it “creative”.

Seth Rollins is an inconsistent but excellent pro wrestler on his day, but he isn’t a compelling sports entertainer. WWE has effectively killed his babyface character via thousand-cut death, so it wouldn’t much matter if he was. If WWE signed Kenny Omega, they’d have him spamming the One-Winged Angel and looking shocked when it couldn’t put away Drew McIntyre.

Rollins does impressions of Brock Lesnar like a giant dork, which he punctuates with a witty zinger. Rollins says “Burn it down!” like he is Michael Cole. Rollins performs maudlin soliloquies as if he is sympathetic and beloved—like if we just got behind him, the Beastslayer who slayed the Beast at WrestleMania could slay the Beast at SummerSlam.

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